Natural sweet wine (Vin Doux Naturel).

Made by the mutage method (addition of grape spirit to stop fermentation and retain natural sugar), followed by oxidative maturation.



Maccabeu / Grenache Blanc / Grenache Gris

18% Alc/Vol



Very complex wine with such aromas and flavors of dried fruit, nuts, resin, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, browned sugar, honey....



Aperitive : Duck liver paté.

Cheese : Blue veined cheese. 

Dessert : Chocolate, Citrus, dried fruit.

Serve between 10 and 12°C.
Due to the winemaking process, Rivesaltes is relatively shelf-stable when open, and can remain at room-temperature for several days without losing quality.

Aging potential: Infinite!

Keep bottle upright, do not lie it down!



Les Pierres Noires de Cases de Pêne Roussillon.

Concentionnal viticulture.

Vines over 50 y.o.



Direct pressing, maceration on skins and direct mutage on must. 

Maturation : 9 years in oxidative environment in 300L oak barrels which are topped up twice a year.

Maison Carrel - Rivesaltes Ambré 2011 - AOP Rivesaltes