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12.0% Alc



Clay-limestone, sandstone slab in the subsoil and

rolled pebbles on the surface. The parcel is on the edge of

Minervois and Corbieres appellations in the Languedoc region

of France - at an altitude of 843 feet.



''Vivant'' = ''Alive'' in English is a Pétillant

Naturel, which means, it follows the ''méthode ancestrale''

without intervention / addition of any sort in the winemaking;

No use of pesticides, insecticides, chemicals, nor sulfites. Most

of the work is done in the vineyard to make sure the double

fermentation will happen naturally. After the early morning

harvest and the pressing, the first fermentation (alcolic

fermentation) happens in large vats - When the wine reaches

10 degres alcohol with 21,2 gramms of sugar remaining - we

bottle it and the second fermentation starts in an anaerobic

environment (withouth oxygen) - the remaining sugar will

entirely be transformed (there is no RS) into an additonnal

1,5% alcohol + 4,1 bar of pressure which makes the wine

sparkling naturally - at that point the yeasts are asleep so the

wine remains ''Alive''



''Vivant'' displays note of Verbena and

Jasmin flowers as well as some white peach notes by the

nose. In the palate the wine has moderate acidity level and is

very mouthfilling with a touch of resfreshing dry bitterness

toward the end with a menthol / peppermint ''retro-olfaction''



Fried chicken tenders or fried calamari would be

ideal to be paired with ''Vivant''.


Pierre et Antonin - PetNat 2021 - Souvignier Gris - IGP Carcassonne

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